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In my youth, I was embraced by the night.
Ever taken was I by that vast inky nothingness.
Ever walking towards that tiny, distant lamp.
Ever searching for something to help me brave the dark.
And as I walked, I grew cold and weary and desperate.
I looked up into the face of it,
into the vast unblinking void, and courted the stars.
One star.
I took it from the heavens where it was perfect
and made it small.
For light. For warmth.
For survival, I stole fire from the sky, and hid it away in a lantern.
My lantern.
How arrogant. How naive.
How foolish to think that I could take that fierce, unflinching light
and cage it.
I stole the fire from the sky,
but gave it nothing to burn.
I stole the fire from the sky,
and it almost went out -
but the day eventually broke.
The fire ate the paper I put it in and it swam up to the sky.
Soared upward. Homeward.
Perfect, and free, and beautiful again.
It burned my hands, so I let it go.
And now I feel a flame within me too.
One day that fire will eat th
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Father, mother, sister, brother.
Fighter, friend, comrade, lover.
All of these live among us.
All of these will one day die.
For one of these, today's the day -
today one must say goodbye.
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The Death of Night
The darkness yawns and aches to swallow whole
the man who peers inside the deathly maw,
the umbral void moves closer in towards its fleshy goal;
wreathed in shadow it longs to reap its harvest raw
Undone! Sudden thrust upward pointed sting!
Deep into monsters husk the shard does bite,
into the bosom of an immortal ancient thing -
darkness shall fall to powerful burning light.
After battle, the warrior withdrawn,
shakes from exertions of heroic plight
And like a cloak he, the monsters corpse, adorn;
the beast but slumbers, the cavernous unending Night.
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The mistress of fire
Approacheth I the mistress fire
whose eyes of jade do linger flaming look
cautious I wish not to catch the wrathful ire
yet boldly reach and slender hand I took
"hail to the queen that lighten the darkest dawn
and yet courts darker forces still
hail to she who makes strong men and heroes fawn
to she who steams the blood with aberrant thrill"
and lo the temptress danes to shoot a glance
despite protesting mind her form, from her gaze, distracts
the demon on mine shoulder begins his lustful dance
and quietly whispers of salacious acts.
Sweating, unbalanced, I struggle to make my case.
A suggestion 'ere too lewd, "la petit mort": the little death
blood drawn lip, my errant heart does quicken to race
and await her answer with baited breath.
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alas the frail and fading breath interned
to weep forgotten tears in memory laid
anon the spirit glowing embers burned
condemned its light shall soon to fade
and lo the ghosts of past events do sigh
and seek attentive gaze to whisper close
yet though I beckon thee hither to lie
figure corporeal and flesh thou oppose
from within stupor I seek release to leave
unshackled unbound by leaden bonds to tie
grey withdrawl does the naked soul bereave
absent comfort the tacet smile belie
beneath palid frame blood runs swift under
the hands of time proclaimest thee willst mend
and yet visage dost cloak bones asunder
hidden skin that hastens the blade to rend
the mark of thee dost burnish like a brand
and raises surface reddened tender hurt
emblazened rivers ivory flow like sand
buried in flesh as corpse entombed dirt
passing gaze be unflinching iron stare
forget now of me half-remembered friend
try not to fix or shattered limb repair
let it stop now, let it come to an end
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I don't know where to begin.
I have no idea where I end and where the idea of you I had for so long starts.
There is no meaning any more.
Just blurred outlines of what once was.
Each morning blends into the next, nights encroach and sap the warmth from the days.
A perpetual infernal drive to continue an existence, to continue to be.
... whatever - whoever it is, that this is.
He is not me.
He occupies the space I used to.
He does not look like me.
He is older.
More withdrawn.
I watch this little machine clunk and whir and go about his flawed mechanics.
I wind him up.
I watch him go.
I'm just the man with the key.
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The End
It ended with a fall
not a crash, like it ought
and again I was left
with the pain that you wrought.
It was I, now bereft,
wished it not end at all;
yet I drop through the dark
with no chance to be caught.
I awake with a start
and can't help but recall.
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Don't listen to me
Look how you want to look.
Speak how you want to speak.
Love how and who you want to love.
You are yourself.
Don't let others define who you are.
Listen, but do not obey.
Don't seek perfection.
Perfection is a lie.
Seek wholeness.
Feel good about yourself.
You are good.
You are brilliant.
Don't feel guilty.
Guilt is the enemy.
Guilt is you trying to please others.
Feel sad.
Accept your pain.
Understand it.
Think your own thoughts.
Come to your own conclusions.
Question everything.
But don't listen to me, or anyone else that tells you otherwise.
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I am trying.
I am trying not to look back.
I am trying not to look over my shoulder.
Because there is a reaper there.
A foul wraith.
A dark shade.
I am trying not to look.
Down, or back.
Below me, the world falls away.
I am walking a knife edge.
Each step is an effort, greater than the one before.
Each step. A chance to falter. To stumble.
To fall.
And behind me, with a rasping stone he sharpens his blade.
And quickens his pace.
I am trying.
To forget.
I am trying to forget that you exist.
That you ever existed.
That you said those things...
Smiled that certain way...
Looked at me with those eyes...
I am trying.
To get away.
To leave behind those memories.
But I am anchored.
Hot, dusty, days frittered away on lying in fields and taking photographs.
Running in the rain.
Deep reds and browns and oranges and flickering candles.
Late for school.
Bitter winters wading through deep snow.
Fireworks, and frost.
Fingerprints on steamy glass.
Like him, it is inevita
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Balance by soragaki Balance :iconsoragaki:soragaki 1 0
Wed, 28 Aug 2013, 23:41
Wed, 28 Aug 2013, 23:41
So here I am.
Alone again.
Watching a blinking cursor.
And what am I to do?
I thought I was done.
I thought this feeling... This gnawing, pulling at my soul would end.
I thought I had left it in the dust, finally.
When I saw you... god, my heart started slamming against my ribcage like it was clamouring for my attention...
Like it was screaming at me "she's the one! she's the one, go and tell her!"
But I didn't. Then, just as it is now. I knew I wasn't worth your time.
I knew that whatever this feeling was, it wasn't worth the pain.
And I buried it. I turn away from you when you asked if we could be together.
And after that rejection I would bear the guilt... the burden of knowing I burned you.
I sent you into his den.
I realized too late.
And I spent years, trying to make up for it.
I swore to myself, and in time, to you that I would be a better man.
That I would treat you with the respect and adoration you so desperately needed.
The love of someone gentle, tha
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The Colossus Sleeps by soragaki The Colossus Sleeps :iconsoragaki:soragaki 1 0
It seems as though each time I find myself lost on my journey, though I walk the same path, or seem to, I come to a similar crossroads when the hours run later and later and on into the brooding mornings.
I find myself here.
Standing at the stopping point, clueless and divergent.
Stunned, and unable to move, or break away.
Struck dumb, and motionless, I sway and stand, and attempt to discern the cause of my mooring.
But the answer eludes.
Instead I simply stare, lost in thought, in the presence of a purpose veiled.
Like a Sigil, an enigma of a long dead tongue that stares boldly back, the answer is there.
And yet I cannot grasp it, or glean the meaning behind the strange contortions that my mind makes at this still and silent hour.
My brain is as a serpent, bound in a cage of bone and thought, that writhes before me.
It ceases its nocturnal convulsions, after a time, under the glare of the beating sun, it retreats.
But once the clamor and noise of the world that surrounds it quietens,
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Light in the void
The darkness.
The inky black.
Stretching into infinity.
Millions upon countless millions, of tiny, fragile, rocks.
Mud and air and water.
Plants that whisper to each other, in the silence of the immortal night.
Wood. A table.
Four legs that support a flat surface, on which sits a solitary, singular candle
which burns with a tiny, silent flame.
A candle.
A tiny pool of light that flows outwards
until bounded by the darkness,
it can reach no more.
That same light, illuminates the keyboard on which I write.
Those tiny rocks, that float in the cosmic breeze and drift in the void.
They support the mud.
The mud supports the trees.
Which breath the air.
Which feeds the flame.
Which casts the light.
Which illuminates the poetry.
Which supports me.
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When I was young, I wanted so much.
When I was very young, I wanted that cake, or this cerial, I wanted this toy or please will you buy me these shoes, or I will never ask for anything ever again if I can please have this.
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wanted less and less.
There was a blissful period in my life where I wanted so little, I was never far from happiness. All I wanted was the sun on my skin, or to feel the rain on my face, and tear through the town where I live, wearing beaten up trainers. Just to move and to feel that movement and be caught up in it.
That was all I needed.
Gradually even my want for that fell away.
And now i’m older still, than I was back then… and I find it harder and harder to pin down what I want.
But every now and then I catch a glimpse of what it felt like, as I hike across town carrying a rucksack full of jangling tins of paint, and a roller on my back, the heft of the tin of emulsion pulling on my arm.
I reach the end of an e
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not that kind
not the empty sobbing
cursing the world
not that.
Not anything.
drifting in the breeze...
A ship.
Run aground -
in a dried up sea.
The dust ebbs and flows
in the holds
of drybone wood
and a skeleton crew
mans the rigging.
A family of lizards
scuttle and shelter
from the blazing heat of the sun
in the cool embrace
of a bleached rib cage,
as the owner stares out across the waste...
An echo.
A ragged call
from stringy avian vocal chords
casts itself outward from
a nest not its own
at the top of a mast;
as sails
similarly torn
flutter pointlessly In the calm,
and mock the flightless one
who like the ship
without its captain
is empty -
is Hollow.
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Well I finally started an Etsy shop...
I will be keeping my cosplay here and all the dreamcatcher stuff over there, this way all the good stuff will stay here for you all. AND it looks like I shall cosplay once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
find me at:
shhhhh, I'm scared and I don't know what I'm getting into....
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I'm closing this account.
I'll probably leave it here to gather dust.

Time for a fresh start, and a clean slate.
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